Webster Updates

Due to Coronavirus, registration for Summer Camp is open to City of Webster residents only. 

City of Webster Closures

City programs, events, and gatherings are closed until further notice.

  • Job Applications - The City of Webster is not accepting "in-person" job applications, only online, emailed, faxed, or mailed applications will be accepted. More Information.
  • Municipal Court Trials, the Judge will work with defendants on a case-by-case basis for trial reset and payments. Many citations may be handled online. Check the Municipal Court pages for more information.
  • Community Development Pre-development meetings are canceled.
  • All senior programs are canceled.
  • City gatherings and events are canceled.
  • All events and rentals at the Recreation Center and Civic Center are canceled.
  • City Park pavilion rentals are canceled.
  • Baseball games and practices at Texas Avenue Park are canceled.

Texas Closures and Updates

Beginning May 1, shopping centers and malls, stores, movie theaters, and restaurants may open — with 25% occupancy.

Barber shops and hair salons may reopen as of May 8.

Gyms, massage establishments, tattoo parlors, video arcades, and bowling alleys must wait until mid-May, at the earliest to reopen.

Outdoor sports such as golf and tennis may resume with no more than four participants in a match, and they must observe social distancing guidelines.

Businesses will be free to choose not to open, and in less populated counties with five or fewer confirmed cases, they will be able to open at 50% capacity.

Museums and public libraries may reopen, again with the 25% capacity limitation, though they’re not required to open.